The Church that does not Evangelize will fossilize. Oswald. J Smith


The mission of David Farmer Ministries is to reach the world with the life changing message of hope; the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There has never been a greater need for urgency in Evangelism and Missions than now. It is our desire to partner with the local Church both locally and internationally too advance the Kingdom. We understand the role of leadership and desire to serve under the authority of the Senior Pastor and alongside the Church staff to effectively plan, prepare and provide the most effective outreach event for their congregation and community. Through a variety of options for outreach and training you can select what will be the best fit for your congregation and community. We seek to reach the lost and equip the saved to ignite a passion for reaching others. Below you can find a list of events that we offer. Please click the appropriate button above for a more detailed description of each.  

Cocaine to Christ - David's personal testimony of the conversion from a major " Drug Dealer " to faith in Christ. A great outreach event for Student Ministries or Revivals.

Each One / Reach One -
Designed to involve every member of the Church in Evangelism and Discipleship. A congregation wide outreach event that will increase weekly attendance and assimilation.

Freedom Event - David founded Crisis Rescue International to Reach, Rescue and bring Redemption to Children in Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation. Through powerful stories of rescue and redemption of children in the 10/40 window of Southeast Asia. We currently are working and caring for children in Pakistan, Cambodia, India, Thailand and Nepal.

Devadasi Ministry - Young girls are dedicated or married not to men; but to an idol, an object of worship or to a temple deity. These children are engaged to a Hindu god or goddess before puberty, and called, Devadasis ( Female goddess ) or Joginis ( Male god )  The ritual and process these young girls go through to become a prostitute for a god (idol) includes a wedding ceremony followed by the sale of their virginity to the highest bidder. They live at the temples and serve men who come to the Temples and give money to the Hindu Priest. Abused both physically and sexually until the young girl is pregnant; then she is discarded to the streets to beg and sell herself. Most of these girls are 8-12 years of age.  

Missions opportunities - Opportunities to travel and serve with our team internationally. Church planting,  Large Crusades, Serving in our Children's Homes, Leper Colony Ministry and Pastor's Conference's are just a few of the opportunities to serve. We understand that the Lord has given each person specific gifts and talents and we seek to allow individuals to use those gifts and talents on our mission campaigns.

Soul Winning Workshops -  These can be used through Sunday school, student ministry or Church wide. We teach and train how to effectively share our faith in every day settings. Through the use of a variety of Evangelism tools we teach how to engage in a natural conversation and convert it into a spiritual one. We truly believe the Evangelism is not a presentation, but a conversation.                

Meet our Team

David Farmer

President / Founder of Crisis Rescue International

Greg Stern

Chairman of the Board

Rick Camp


Cocaine to Christ

Cocaine to Christ Cocaine to Christ Cocaine to Christ
The tragic events of David's childhood removed any reason to ever seek Christ or His Church. Whenever David thought about Church, God or Jesus, confusion and anger filled his heart. David grew up in what he thought was a “normal” home. His Mother was a loving parent, devoted to her church and family. On Sunday she made sure David and his brothers were all in Church for morning and evening services. David's Dad was the complete opposite of his Mother. In November 1971 David's Mother went to the hospital for tests. The results revealed a large brain tumor. She had surgery to try and remove the tumor but the cancer spread throughout her body. There was no way to stop it. She came home, her head shaved and bandaged. She was so pale and weak it seemed as if all the life had been sucked of her. David did not understand why God let this happen and why her faith in Him seemed to grow stronger as her illness progressed and the pain increased. She was too ill to go to church, so she listened to services over the telephone. She never complained about the pain or the certainty of death she was facing. On a cold dark day, February 9, 1972, she died. Her final prayer was for the Lord to watch over her children. At nine years of age; the only thing good in David's life was taken away. This proved to be the first of many tragedies David suffered as a child. A life of alcohol and drugs would lead David to a life as a major drug dealer. With a $300 per day addiction and a life as a  major dealer it was only a matter of time before his world would come crashing down. An arrest and a riot in prison would find David's life on the line. With the threat from a Gang to kill him and the reality of a 18-25 year sentence in prison David was desperate for help. He would find a Gideon Bible and would begin a spiritual journey that will keep both young and old alike on the edge of their seats. David has the heart of a Missionary and the fire of an Evangelist.
An event that is suitable for congregations, students events or community wide outreach events.      

Truly a Spirit Filled, life changing testimony incorporated with powerful preaching
Dr. Jim Mastin - Retired Pastor and President of Ministry Investing

David Farmer shares from personal experience the life changing power of Jesus Christ from drugs...he met the hope of the world. David has a real gift to share Christ through the preached word in a way that touches the heart of the lost.
Dr. Billy Britt

Dave Farmer's life and Preaching points to Christ and is empowered by the Holy Spirit. David testimony " Cocaine to Christ" glorifies the life changing power of Christ in a person's life. Our whole church fell in love with Dave and his heart for ministry both local and global. Don't miss the opportunity to have Dave come and share at your church.
Pastor Adam Radcliffe   

There are very few ministries that I give my money to. They have to be soul winning ministries. If they don't do at least that, I will give my money elsewhere. David Farmer Ministries and Crisis Rescue International is a ministry that I have supported for years now. They not only help at risk children and rescue children from sex trafficking, they raise them to know the Lord and to be come great adults in the world. I highly recommend David Farmer and Crisis Rescue International to anyone who wants to put their hard earned dollars to work for the Lord.
Apologist Mark Cahill  

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Each One Reach One

Each One Reach One Each One Reach One Each One Reach One
Each One Reach One:
These events are designed to get the entire church involved in “The Great Commission“. Through intentional corporate prayer and having those already in active relationship with the church body extend an invitation to hear David’s powerful story of Cocaine to Christ.In today’s society most of our lives are connected to the pain of addiction through personal addiction, family members or friends. When you consider how many within the walls of the church are somehow connected to addiction it exceeds 80%. Not only is the issue of addiction a huge problem, in many cases it is shunned, ignored, or the individuals are written off and abandoned. Of those suffering there is a large population who have suffered sexual abuse and have never allowed the Lord to bring healing to those wounds. These are the very issues that hold many in a personal prison of pain and addiction. Each One is challenged to participate in Reaching One.

Each One Teach One:
Our focus does not stop with Reaching One. The Great Commission also commands us to be intentional about discipleship. It is our desire that every believer be involved in Each One Teach One. The second phase of our event challenges every member to commit to helping the new convert assimilate into the church for discipleship. They will be challenged to bring the new believers to one of the discipleship arms of the church; Sunday School, Small Group or New Believers class. If we see someone come to new life in Christ and fail to help them begin their journey of discipleship we are not truly embracing the command of Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20  And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.  Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,  teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen
Each One Feed One
The last phase of our event is focused on Missions. As we have just read in The Great Commission our Lord has given us The Great Commandment: GO! We see this command sandwiched between; “All authority… I am with you always” through this example if we wish to be under the authority of and in the presence of our Lord and Savior we will participate in reaching the world. “David Farmer Ministries” mission is driven by a burden for the 10-40 window. Through “Crisis Rescue International” we are on the front lines of fighting and freeing sexually exploited children from human trafficking and reaching the most un-evangelized nations of the world with the Gospel. We believe that the ministry we are called to is centered around; James 1:27 “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world”.
Crisis Rescue International maintains and cares for the housing, feeding (both physical and spiritual) and educational needs of children rescued from and at risk of exploitation. To provide the basic needs for these children is about $35.00 month.
We rely on the leadership of the church to understand the needs and to address the congregation in regards to financial support to be provided. It is our preference that an appeal from the lead Pastor be made for a Love Offering in addition to travel expenses. All gifts are used to fund the ongoing ministry to Reach, Rescue and Redeem those lost and separated from our loving Savior. As well as organize outreach events to reach the lost and establish churches in these unreached nations.

  • This event will involve every member and will also challenge and encourage them to win the lost. David can also provide soul winning workshops to train your congregation on how to effectively engage people in every day setting with the Gospel. How to change a natural conversation into a spiritual encounter,

Freedom Events

 Freedom Events  Freedom Events  Freedom Events
A Night of Freedom
A Night of Freedom is an event that highlights the plight of millions who are in the clutches of modern slavery: Human Trafficking. As an action ministry, we are on the front lines of the battle that rages on to rescue the precious lives of young children. We are fighting for those whose cries are not being heard. From the brothels of the darkest places on the planet and the fields of child slave labor. Your hearts will break and then be filled with hope as you hear stories filled with tragedy and triumph. The world of human trafficking on a global scale will become real as you hear the facts concerning millions who are bound. As the Church, we cannot just simply turn a deaf ear to their cries for freedom or close our eyes to the millions of children being sold for a little as $5 for sexual exploitation.
When the evening is complete, you will remember the words of William Wilberforce, who fought to abolish the African Slave Trade so many years ago: “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” With the obvious signs of the slave trade abolished, the world as a whole is unaware that there are more people in slavery today than at any other time in history. As the Church of Jesus Christ we cannot turn away. This is our opportunity to take a stand and fight this injustice. We must reach every one we can. Every soul matters to the Lord; therefore, they must matter to us. Since this is happening in our lifetime, our Lord will ask each of us what we are doing to alleviate this injustice. What will you answer Him?
We believe that the Lord will supply our needs to provide for the hundreds of children in our care. It is through the faithfulness of His people that the children will be rescued and their basic needs met.
We rely on the leadership of the church to understand the needs and to address the congregation in regards to financial support to be provided. It is our preference that an appeal from the lead Pastor be made for a Love Offering in addition to travel expenses. All gifts are used to fund the ongoing ministry to Reach, Rescue and Redeem those lost and separated from our loving Savior.

A Night of Freedom video

Crisis Rescue International

Crisis Rescue International Crisis Rescue International Crisis Rescue International
While providing humanitarian relief among the poor, we were exposed to the issue of trafficking. While volunteering at a food line, we encountered our first real look at a ‘Red Light’ area where young girls were being sold for sex. That scene was etched in our hearts and prompted us to take action, thus founding Crisis Rescue International in 2010. The vision began in an area of brothels that is home to thousands of women and children sold into slavery for sexual exploitation. Today, our three-fold mission is to Reach, Rescue, and bring Redemption to children at risk to these atrocities. Our heart’s desire, or vision, is to provide an opportunity for a new life that will give them a chance to see their dreams come true. Crisis Rescue International exists to love, rescue, and give hope of a life free from trafficking and sexual exploitation. By creating a safe and loving environment, where they are enabled to grow and develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our work provides basic education and vocational training for each child; ultimately, allowing them to integrate into their communities in a positive and constructive manner our organization and Values. At the core is the desire to see them come to faith in Jesus Christ and raise them to be devoted disciples.
Crisis Rescue International is a public benefit 501©3 non-profit committed to ending the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. Healing is more than a slogan to us. It’s a way of life at Crisis Rescue International.
Our Vision
No child deserves to be trafficked. No child deserves to be sexually exploited. We seek to end the trafficking and exploitation of children completely. And we work to provide the best possible care to survivors.
Trafficking: is a term used to describe the illegal trade of goods across borders – especially contraband, such as drugs – for profit. Over the last decade, the concept has been expanded to cover the illegal transportation of human beings, in particular women and children, for the purpose of selling them for forced labor  or sexual exploitation. In 1994, the United Nations General Assembly defined trafficking as the “illicit and deceptive movement of persons across national and international borders, largely from developing countries and some countries with economies in transition with the end goal of forcing women and girl children into sexually or economically oppressive and exploitative situations for the profit of recruiters, traffickers, crime syndicates, as well as other illegal activities related to trafficking, such as forced domestic labor, false marriages, forced prostitution and false adoption.” There are no accurate statistics of how many people are involved, but it is estimated that in the last 30 years, trafficking in women and children in Asia for sexual exploitation alone has victimized over 30 million people. In comparison, 12 million people were sold as slaves to the New World between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.  Trafficking of persons is the second largest illegal trade after arms sale. In 1997 according to U.N calculations, the procurers, smugglers, and corrupt public officials involved in the international trade in human beings, extracted $ 7 billion in profits from their cargo. We currently care and provide for over 300 children who have come from extreme poverty who were at risk or actively being in human trafficking through bonded labor or sexual exploitation,

Crisis Rescue Video

Devadasi Ministry

Devadasi Ministry Devadasi Ministry Devadasi Ministry
What is a Devadasi? – Young girls are dedicated
 or married not to men; but to an idol, deity or object of worship in a temple. Married to God before puberty, the Devadasis or Joginis, many of whom live in the temples, become sexual servants to the villages’ upper-caste men after their first menstrual period. Traditionally girls undergo an 11-day purification ceremony following the onset of menstruation. The “first maturity” ceremony, as they call it in Koppal, marks the transition into womanhood. The Devadasi’s girls are from the lowest caste whose parents have given them to local goddesses or temples as human ‘offerings’. She has to remain unmarried, and maintain herself by ceremonial begging. This system is based on the traditional Hindu belief that evil over the family or the village can be avoided by dedicating a girl in the family to the temple deity. As soon as she reaches puberty, her virginity is auctioned off to the highest bidder. She will become the exclusive concubine of the temple priest in the village. In Karnataka, there is a traditional belief that when there is famine, drought or epidemics, to appease gods and goddesses a lower caste girl is dedicated to the local goddess Huligamma.
These young girls are prostituted for the gods under the banner of the Hindu religion. At the core of this – it is all about money; not religion.  The southern part of India is especially poverty-stricken and the birth of a girl child is taken to be an added responsibility for the families. Most of the parents get rid of this ‘baggage’ when the little girl has not even begun to comprehend what life should be. They are dedicated to one of the many Hindu gods like Yellamma. These young girls will serve or rather sexually satisfy the priests and visitors of the temple, and the Zamindars (local land lords) and other men of money and power, in the village or town. Once a young girl has become pregnant she is discarded by the man who bought her virginity. The children will be social outcasts and rejected. The Devadsi will never marry. She will beg and prostitute herself as a servant of god. The Devadasi life is a horrible existence of despair. Jyothi a Devadasi in Karnataka said "Everyone sleeps with us, but no one marries us. Many embrace us, but no one protects. Every day, my children will ask, Who is my father?’ They do not like having a mother who is in this business. Once, I tried to open a bank account with my son,” Jyothi said. We went to fill in the form, and the manager asked, Father’s name?’ After that, my son was angry. He said I should not have brought him into the world like this. We are sorry we have to do this work. But what is the alternative now? We were given to this life as children by our own families. Who will give us jobs? We are all unable to read or write. And our future, Jyothi said. What have we to look forward to? When we are not beautiful, when our bodies become ugly, then we will be all alone and have no way to support ourselves. If we live long enough to be old and to be ugly. So many are dying. One of our community four have died last week. Two others last the week before. In my village, four younger girls have died. We have no help or hope of ever leaving this horrible place. My 14 year old daughter now has been placed into the temple. We all will die without every knowing what love is or being loved; just used and abused. Death may be better then to continue in this. Who can help us – the gods come to us in our dreams and wipe away our tears; but cannot free us from this.
This practice is illegal but still widely practiced in India. The children born to the Devadasi have no hope for a future. The girls will be sexually exploited in the brothels and the boys will become pimps. We are making a difference in the lives of these children. We currently operate 3 homes for children from this back ground. They are in school getting an education, being reached with the Gospel and growing in a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. These precious children now have a hope and a future and will discover what the Lords purpose is for them.

Devadasi Video

Crisis Chronicles Blog

Crisis Chronicles Blog Crisis Chronicles Blog Crisis Chronicles Blog
“For ‘everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’ How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?” –Romans 10:13-14
Most everyone who reads this newsletter will never be able to say these words found in Romans 10. We live in a country saturated with Christianity—yes, saturated with it. If you flip on the television you will easily encounter a network that carries a message of Christianity. No matter what state you live in, there is a smorgasbord of opportunity to hear the gospel. You can choose from a host of denominations, music styles and variety of programs for yourself and your family. It is very apparent that we who are fortunate enough to live in a country where the gospel is preached freely and have ample opportunity to “call on the name of the Lord [and] be saved.” However, in countries where the Gospel is not available, how can they hear? How can they call on Him (Jesus) to be saved?
If you were born in a country where for over 3,000 years your national heritage is idolatry, you will have little opportunity to hear the Name of Christ even once. You would be taught in your religion that you have no value and are rejected from not only the god’s but also from society. What if you were doubly cursed and born a female in family of extreme poverty and discarded at birth or sold to broker as a slave for sexual exploitation for a mere $35? And the nation you live in has less than a 4% Christian population of the 1.65 billion who reside there, making the chances of being rescued virtually impossible. As you struggle within the horrible abuse and hopelessness of your existence, you soon realize that the cows that roam the street have greater value then you. How would you feel?
On the other hand, your birth could find you in a country where you are a slave making bricks with your family for 16 hours per day in temperatures that exceed 110 degrees and receive barely enough to food to exist. You are constantly beaten and verbally abused in bonded labor because you were born into poverty and a Christian in a closed country. While your family is making bricks by hand you are being sexually abused by multiple men. This is your circumstances because your parents owe a debt of just $750 that they cannot repay. What if you are the father and you have finished the day labor and are waiting for you daughter to return so you can go to sleep for the evening and she does not return? Instead, in the morning you begin to search for her and find her hanging from a tree. She had been brutally beaten and raped and hung by her neck in a tree just 50 yards from your home. You cannot file a complaint because your family would become victims of the same fate. The authorities dismiss the criminal activity and deem it a suicide. How would you feel? These are real scenarios, rather real nightmares, in the 10-40 window: the most un-evangelized nations in the world. In these countries the poor live with no hope and they face a Christ-less eternity. In our country the Gospel is neglected; in these countries it is not accepted because 95 % of the population have never heard. We are spending enormous amounts of money to build bigger buildings, brighter lights and to evangelize nations who have a greater than 65% Christian population. There are estimates that suggest that only five cents of every dollar given are used for the most unreached people of the world. We must take the Gospel to these unreached nations and fight for those who are in the bonds of slavery and sexual exploitation. If it were you who were waiting on someone to offer hope, would you be begging for help? If no one answered the call to go, how would you feel? They cannot hear if we do not go! We can either go or send someone to go. God’s word teaches that those who go, and those who send, receive the same reward in heaven. We can all pray and see what the Father would have us do. William Wilberforce said " You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know."

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