Cocaine to Christ

Cocaine to Christ Cocaine to Christ Cocaine to Christ
The tragic events of David's childhood removed any reason to ever seek Christ or His Church. Whenever David thought about Church, God or Jesus, confusion and anger filled his heart. David grew up in what he thought was a “normal” home. His Mother was a loving parent, devoted to her church and family. On Sunday she made sure David and his brothers were all in Church for morning and evening services. David's Dad was the complete opposite of his Mother. In November 1971 David's Mother went to the hospital for tests. The results revealed a large brain tumor. She had surgery to try and remove the tumor but the cancer spread throughout her body. There was no way to stop it. She came home, her head shaved and bandaged. She was so pale and weak it seemed as if all the life had been sucked of her. David did not understand why God let this happen and why her faith in Him seemed to grow stronger as her illness progressed and the pain increased. She was too ill to go to church, so she listened to services over the telephone. She never complained about the pain or the certainty of death she was facing. On a cold dark day, February 9, 1972, she died. Her final prayer was for the Lord to watch over her children. At nine years of age; the only thing good in David's life was taken away. This proved to be the first of many tragedies David suffered as a child. A life of alcohol and drugs would lead David to a life as a major drug dealer. With a $300 per day addiction and a life as a  major dealer it was only a matter of time before his world would come crashing down. An arrest and a riot in prison would find David's life on the line. With the threat from a Gang to kill him and the reality of a 18-25 year sentence in prison David was desperate for help. He would find a Gideon Bible and would begin a spiritual journey that will keep both young and old alike on the edge of their seats. David has the heart of a Missionary and the fire of an Evangelist.
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Truly a Spirit Filled, life changing testimony incorporated with powerful preaching
Dr. Jim Mastin - Retired Pastor and President of Ministry Investing

David Farmer shares from personal experience the life changing power of Jesus Christ from drugs...he met the hope of the world. David has a real gift to share Christ through the preached word in a way that touches the heart of the lost.
Dr. Billy Britt

Dave Farmer's life and Preaching points to Christ and is empowered by the Holy Spirit. David testimony " Cocaine to Christ" glorifies the life changing power of Christ in a person's life. Our whole church fell in love with Dave and his heart for ministry both local and global. Don't miss the opportunity to have Dave come and share at your church.
Pastor Adam Radcliffe   

There are very few ministries that I give my money to. They have to be soul winning ministries. If they don't do at least that, I will give my money elsewhere. David Farmer Ministries and Crisis Rescue International is a ministry that I have supported for years now. They not only help at risk children and rescue children from sex trafficking, they raise them to know the Lord and to be come great adults in the world. I highly recommend David Farmer and Crisis Rescue International to anyone who wants to put their hard earned dollars to work for the Lord.
Apologist Mark Cahill  

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